Mr. Duhon,

I am writing to inform you of my experiences with the employees of your body shop. My first contact, October 29, 2013, was a result of being directed to Toyota of New Orleans Body Shop from Premier Honda. My mother had some minor damage to her Honda CRV (not covered by insurance) and we were told to ask for Mr. Ed. Mr. Ed Rednour was both polite and professional, directing his discussion to both my mother and I. He made my mother feel at ease and trusting that the job would be done correctly and “no funny business”! My phone calls and visits to the body shop, and interactions with the receptionist and other employees were all professional and polite, and the job was done to our satisfaction.

Unfortunately, December 2nd, I was back, this time for my vehicle! When I asked for Mr. Ed, he jokingly asked “what are you doing back here”! When I explained this time it was for me, and it was anything but minor, he said Ms. Lorraine Roux would take care of me. Ms. Lorraine was also polite and professional, and the gentleman (I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) who wrote up the damage report was too. He was very diligent in examining my vehicle. My damage was major, and there was some back and forth with the insurance company, your staff kept me informed of the process and progress (much more than my insurance company).

My vehicle was “totaled”, and as a result, there were some items that I was not compensated for by the insurance company and allowed to retrieve. Retrieving them required a few trips to your facility and some direction from a few of your technicians. When I asked questions, or was given directions without asking (there was a time or two I didn’t know what to do), they were all very helpful and kind.

This type of “customer service” is very rare. My treatment was not some “robotic politeness” someone was “told to do”. It must be the result of “extraordinary employees”. It wasn’t the fake smile , the no emotional “may I help you”, but sincere attention to me and my needs. They are a true model of what customer service should be, and they all should be commended.


Alfred J. Parker, Jr.