Deductible Consultation

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Deductible Consultation

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Many times we find that our customers are burdened with the aspects of an accident. Often, how to deal with a large deductibles and/or an adjustment that occur with insurance related repairs can be disturbing. Our team of customer service representatives is dedicated and trained to assist our customers thru these difficult issues utilizing our exclusive Deductible Consultation program.

In today’s world of rising insurance rates, and large deductibles have become an obstacle to vehicle repairs. Many times we find our customers must avoid their vehicle repairs in fear of the large deductibles facing them. Premier Automotive Collision Centers are dedicated to assisting our customers with many options on how to work thru the deductible nightmare.

Premier Automotive Collision Centers also offers deductible assistance to some qualifying customers in this time of need. Please consult with your customer service representative prior to repairs for our expert consultation services. Each of our friendly locations is committed to meeting your needs and assisting you in these difficult times.